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Enjoy the most Popular Hotel Facilities and Lucrative Amenities in Cox's Bazar

Enojoy our most up-to-date and upgraded hotel room facilities & amenities, that will enhance your experience and increase your hotel's staying home likely.

The main difference between amenities and facilities is that the amenities refer to things that are designed to provide comfort and enjoyment to the guests while facilities basically refer to places or even equipment built to facilitate guests in their specific needs.

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Popular Amenities

  • Wifi iconHigh-Speed Wifi
  • Hot and Cold Water iconHot & Cold Water
  • Air conditionAir Conditioner
  • Led Tv IconLed TV
  • Fridge IconFridge

Our Amenities

  • Internet
    • All rooms: Free WiFi
    • Some Public areas:Free WiFi
  • Food and Drink lineFood and Drink
    • Complimentary Breakfast
    • Room Service
  • Services IconServices
    • 24/7 Service
    • Free Travel Guide
    • Hot & Cold Water
  • Air Conditioner IconOthers Amenities
    • Air Conditioner
    • LED TV
    • Fridge
    • Separate Balcony
    • Swimming Pool
    • Airport Pick & Drop
    • Free Car Parking
    • Self Driving Car

Amenities of Sampan Beach Resort

Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are installed in every room at Sampan Beach Resort.

High-Speed Wifi

The entire resort is under Wi-fi coverage with a high-speed internet connection.


In Sampan Beach Resort, every room has a beautiful and smart LED TV.

Hot & Cold Water

Sampan Resort has hot or cold shower facilities for its esteemed customers.


Every room is decorated with a beautiful and smart Refrigerator Fridge.

Separate Balcony

In Sampan Beach Resort, we have a separate balcony for each and every room.

Special Sofa

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by this sofa's beautiful design, durability, and stability.

King Size Bed

Family Deluxe in Sampan Beach Resort has King-sized beds measuring 7 feet by 6 feet.

Sunset View

Enjoy the sunset when you just wake up in the morning. Isn’t it so alluring?

Sea - Mountain View

The beauty of Himchari mountains and Lal Kakra Beach fascinates you.

Amazing Hospitality

Your satisfaction is always our top priority. We never compromise on hospitality.

Swimming Pool

Our indoor swimming helps you to have more fun, entertainment, and relaxation.

Cafe & Shared Lounge

You need to go anywhere else. Get everything inside Sampan Beach Resort and enjoy your trip.

Free Car Parking

No hassle with car parking. We have spacious car parking space inside Sampan Beach Resort.

Airport Pick & Drop

We offer a specialized pick-and-drop facility for our esteemed customers.

24/7 Service

Our service is available 24/7 with dependable, on-demand support options at any time.

Affordable Driver’s Accommodation

We have affordable accommodation solution for drivers.

Self Driving Car Facility

Self Driving Car Facility are Available for Our Guest.

Meeting Room

We have dedicated meeting room facilities for corporate events.

Marine Drive Birds Eye View

Marine Drive is conveniently located just a short 3 to 5 minutes drive away from our resort.

Inani Beach

Inani Beach is a pristine gem along the famous Cox's Bazar coastline. With its untouched natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere

Sonadia Island

Discover Sonadia Island's Untouched Beauty with Sampan Beach Resort in Cox's Bazar. Your gateway to pristine beaches, nature exploration, and serene sunsets.

Seafood in Cox's Bazar

Cox's Bazar, often called the 'Seafood Paradise of Bangladesh,' boasts an abundance of marine treasures.

Sampan Beach Resort - Cox’s Bazar

About Sampan Beach Resort

Sampan Beach resort is located on the marine drive road near the Himchari mountain and Lal Kakra beach. The beautiful scenario of Sampan Beach resort is to see different views (sea and mountain views) from two different sides. For hanging out, we have the option of arranging a BBQ party beside the swimming pool. Whether you want to eat seafood or other traditional local food, we have our very own Cafe-Restaurants to meet your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

-Yes, we have different accommodations to serve you. If you want a room comparatively lower than the family deluxe, we can suggest you choose our other room couple deluxe.

-Sampan Beach Resort provides up to 50% discount depending on the season and its availability. Check out our website for more information.

-You don’t need to go anywhere else. We have the option to accommodate your driver by just spending as low as 1000 BDT/day.
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What Customers Say

Farah Hussain


Best service!! Very efficient and well-mannered!
“The food was fresh and delicious. If you like quiet surrounding it’s the perfect place. Very safe for families! The pics of the resorts are actual! A bit of a walk to the beach, but it was worth it as the water was clean, and literally had the beach to ourselves.”

Sabbir Sohan

Google Local Guide

Food and nature make an amazing experience
“To be honest most of the restaurants in Cox's Bazar are good and maintain a similar quality, the only exception is their price and service quality. I've been to sampan beach resort only once, I like their food, and the location is a bit too far from the main town but the surrounding nature is really good.”

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To explore the world’s longest natural sandy sea beach.