Dormitory (10 bed) at sampan resort in Cox's Baza
For Small Group of Tourists

Can Live Together Under a Single Umbrella at Cox’s Bazar

While a group of friends, especially from colleges or universities, planning to visit any tourist destination, they would like to stay together as they can amuse themselves. The dormitory that contains 10 beds may give an exceptional feeling for tourists whether they are gray-hair people or teenagers.

Room Description

Our dormitory incorporates a large bedroom contains 10 bed (3 X 6 ft)/bed. This Dormitory is Ideal for small group tourist.

Room Amenities

  • Occupancy: Single (10 person)
  • Bed: 10 bed, (3 X 6 ft)/bed
  • Price: 1250 taka/bed, $16
  • Swimming Pool
  • * Complimentary Breakfast included

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