A Nice Story of Sampan Resort

A Nice Background Story of Sampan Resort

Iftekhar Alam, AKA, Allen Alam, has been living in the United States of America for last 27 years. He bought this land back in 2003, without knowing what he wants to do with the land. Maybe he was thinking to spend his retired life here in Cox’s Bazaar.

About 7 years ago he was planning to do something with the land, but couldn't because of all the issues that came up when he decided to make the fence and strengthen the security of the land.

Then again in June 2012, he came with his family to visit the land and decided that he must do something with the land, so that the local area young people would get job. He could build a tall multi story building to earn a lot of money, but instead he decided to save the world, to save the environment, he had decided to build a facility that would not harm the environment.

We have tried our best to build the resort as natural as we can do. We have tried to use more natural material to build the floor and other. Instead of using Steel, we tried to use Bamboo sticks.

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