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Captivating Coral Fish in Sampan Cafe-Cox’s Bazar

coral fish

Coral Fish

coral fish

Coral Fish

Sampan Restaurant and café provides fresh and authentic Coral Fish for tourists from the Bay of Bengal. We collect those from local fishermen.

What Does Coral Taste like?

Coral is rich in taste and also very healthy. Coral is a famous fish among then all other fish. The fish is prized for its sweet and buttery flavor. Small barramundi are milder in flavor than larger fish. The few bones in the fish are large and easily removed. Tourists always wanted to eat coral fish for its delicious taste.

Nutrition Value (Is it healthy?)

Coral is full of nutrition and calories. Coral contains protein, sodium, cholesterol, and omega 3 are good for our health.

Is Coral safe to eat?

There is a study that showed some fish contain mercury but Coral is safe to eat. There is no toxicity found in Coral fish.

Dishes to choose

Sampan Cafe and restaurant offer you two types of Coral as fry and curry. You can enjoy either Fry Coral or Curry Coral.

  • Fry

Fry Coral made with Onion and decorated with a slice of potato. You can enjoy either Fry Coral with paratha or plain rice.

  • Curry

Coral Curry is made with coconut paste, tomatoes, and a mixture of spices. Best to serve with hot & steamy rice along with fried prawns.

Where is the Place to Find?

Coral fish available in Sampan Restaurant & Café. We provide our guests the authentic Coral fish from the local fish market. For orders please go to our restaurant or call our room service.


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