Hill Kuti at Cox's Bazar

Hill Kuti

Room Description

This unique Thai style house is made of recycled wood from the ships. This is one of a kind villa that you would see in Bangladesh. It’s balcony is made so nice that you would feel very relaxed to sit out and have a cup of freshly made coffee. This villa is connected to our second Hill Kuti. So, you can enjoy a hill view from your room directly.


  • Occupancy: Couple (2 Couple)
  • Family Villa: 2 Cottages
  • Room Size: Full Size Bed
  • Price: 5000 taka/= $64 Two cottage
  • Price: 2500 taka/= $32 single cottage
  • Bamboo Sofas
  • Cold water & Hot water
  • Air Cooler & Fridge
  • Spacious Balcony
  • Swimming Pool
  • * Complimentary Breakfast included

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