Clay Doom

Thai Style Beautiful Clay Doom at Cox's Bazar

Room Description

This unique eco concept was designed by a Thai designer name “Su”. We have put tremendous effort to make this clay house as natural as possible. We have brought in the best clay can be found in the area, we have made a work area where we place the clay with water for a day, after that 10 worker would go in to the pit and smash it by feet until it becomes smooth. Then they would mix sand and rice shell for better bonding. After that we would place the clay on a dice and make Clay Block. We would then place it under the sun for drying. The goal here was to show our guest that you can live naturally if you want to. This process cost us lot of money compare to buying a brick and make a house with that. The costing of each block was $1.00 compare to brick is only 0.10. We invite you to enjoy the natural living with Sampan Resort.


  • Occupancy:: Couple and Children
  • Price: 5000 taka / $64
  • Room Size: ( 30X30 ) ft
  • Bed Size: ( 8X7 ) ft
  • Bamboo Sofas
  • Cold water & Hot water
  • Air Cooler & Fridge
  • Swimming Pool
  • Spacious Balcony to watch sun set
  • * Complimentary Breakfast included

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