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Coir which is used for padding mattresses is a natural fiber obtained from the coconut husk. Coir as padding material is very popular in Asian countries. Coir is well known for its health benefits. Coir mattresses in Chittagong are made in the same way as cotton mattresses, however they are considered healthier. Coir is an eco-friendly fiber and originated in Bangladesh.

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Why is coir healthier than other fibers?

  • Coir has moisture reducing and ventilation ability which gives the sleeper a calming sensation and complete relaxation.
  • Coir is very supportive when put in a mattress because it has natural springy quality.
  • It being hygroscopic, coir absorbs moisture from the air.
  • It retains about eight to ten percent moisture.The absorption of the moisture gives coir the cooling sensation.
  • Coir Matress anti-dust quality makes it excellent for those suffering from dust allergy.
  • Coir is made from natural fiber hence it is environment friendly and no chemicals are used in its manufacture hence it is good for health and environment.
  • It is safe because coir is flame resistant.
  • Coir mattresses give a healthy and rejuvenating sleep as they provide a firm support, which is medically recommended for a sound sleep.
  • The correct posture gives the spine adequate rest.

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