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Things to Do in Cox's Bazar

These days, due to the heavy workload, life has become hectic for most of us. All of us want to spend a few days without any stress, and Cox's Bazar Bazar has always been the most preferred vacation spot for people.

But for a proper recess, you must have the idea of things to do in Cox's Bazar Bazar. Otherwise, you would be just wasting your time and money at the hotel.

amazing sunset view from sampan

Don't Miss the Following Thing While Visit Cox's Bazar

From shopping to eating out, there are actually many things you can do in Cox's Bazar Bazar. You can just plan your schedule beforehand and set yourself out once you are ready!

Beach view in the world's longest sea beach

Cox's Bazar Bazar has the longest natural sea beach in the world, and hence a major tourist attraction. You can have a bath at the beach or just paddle through the sand for fun.

Old Burmese Market in the Town

This is undoubtedly one of the main interests of local or international visitors. The Burmese markets have all types of local things available in abundance. People often buy souvenirs or gifts for relatives from there as a token of their visit.

Coral View in Inani Sea Beach

Inani beach is a bit far away from the regular beachside. However, once you get a glimpse of the beauty of the place, you won’t regret going there for sure.

Himchari National Park & Waterfall

Himchari waterfall has always been considered as one of the most captivating spots of Cox's Bazar Bazar. The waterfall looks the best during the rainy season. You should definitely visit it if you have enough time. 

Fresh & Authentic Seafood

The local cuisine of Cox's Bazar Bazar has always been appealing to tourists. Especially the sea-food there is fresh and mouthwatering. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of trying dry fish, or different types of shorts when you are dining out.

The 100 feet Buddha

The 100 feet Buddha is the largest Buddha statue in Bangladesh. This statue is situated at a temple in Ramu, 10km away from Cox's Bazar Bazar. Surrounded by a nice environment, this place is another site you can enjoy.

Beautiful Parasailing!

Out of many other fun beach activities at Cox's Bazar Bazar, parasailing is hands down the most thrilling one. If you want to fly high and don’t have fear f heights, you can definitely try parasailing. However, you need to book your ride beforehand for the proper setup.

Let’s Wrap Up

Cox's Bazar Bazar is the perfect place if you want to get away from your busy life. However, your holiday spot can be way more enjoyable if you know all the attractive aspects of that specific place. Contact Us Today!

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To explore the world’s longest natural sandy sea beach.

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What Customers Say

Farah Hussain


Best service!! Very efficient and well-mannered!
“The food was fresh and delicious. If you like quiet surrounding it’s the perfect place. Very safe for families! The pics of the resorts are actual! A bit of a walk to the beach, but it was worth it as the water was clean, and literally had the beach to ourselves.”

Sabbir Sohan

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Food and nature make an amazing experience
“To be honest most of the restaurants in Cox's Bazar are good and maintain a similar quality, the only exception is their price and service quality. I've been to sampan beach resort only once, I like their food, and the location is a bit too far from the main town but the surrounding nature is really good.”

Are You Ready?

To explore the world’s longest natural sandy sea beach.