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Why to Visit Cox's BazarThe Most Buzzing Inbound Tourist Zone in Bangladesh

Cox’s bazar is the most attractive tourist spot in Bangladesh and all around the world too. If you are looking for a place to visit you may choose Cox’s bazar as your first choice but many of you may be thinking why I choose Cox’s bazar? I already visited that place. Then, this article may help you to think again to choose your next destination for visit. You may be thinking why I am telling you to visit Cox’s Bazar, alright let me explain it to you.

You visited Cox’s Bazar a few days ago and saw the common places like Laboni point sea beach, Jhaw Bon, Himchori but you can’t imagine there are lots of places that you didn’t even know. I made a list of them that you may discover in your next journey

Inani Beach

Inani beach is a famous place in Cox’s Bazar. But for lack of proper information’s tourist failed to visit an amazing place like Inani beach. The Inani beach is mainly a coral beach with sharp stones. Inani beach is only 23 km. away from Cox’s bazar and takes only 40min to go by road. You can enjoy the beach view as it is different from other beaches. There are high tides on sea and you must stay in a safe place when the redflags up. Be careful if you try to swim here as the tides are unpredictable in this part of the sea.

Inani Beach
 Marine Drive

✔ Marine Drive

The longest marine drive in the world is Cox’s bazar – Teknaf marine drive which is about 80 kilometer long. You can ride a jeep called Chander Gari from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf ,the southeast point of Bangladesh. You can go to Saint Martin Island by using the marine drive. Let's make a drive soon!

✔ Saint Martin

Saint Martin Island also known as Narikel jinjira, Daruchini Dwip, Probal Dwip is a small Island and it is the southernmost part of Bangladesh. It is about three square kilometer and known for its unique scenic view. Saint Martin Island will give you an amazing feeling where you can enjoy the sea sides from every part of the island as well as from the middle of the sea.

There is a lighthouse in Island. There are ships from Cox’s bazar to visit Saint Martin Island where tourists can enjoy about 190 mile of sea traveling with scenic views with the seagulls flowing their cruise ship.

Saint Martin
Kutubdia Island

✔ Kutubdia Island

Kutubdia Island had historical background that a man Kutubuddin first came here and later he gave shelter to the Muslim of Arakan as a sign of respect the island named ‘Kutubuddin Dia’ as later on ‘Kutubdia’.

Kutubdia Island, famous for the first built lighthouse of Bangladesh from the British era. The lighthouse shows the way of the sailors for the seafaring ship. The lighthouse is about 40 meters in height with six decks/rooms and wooden stairs. The fuel of the lamp came from coconut oil. There is a basement in the ground and the structure is very strong and thick.

Places you may stop your footsteps to see:

  • A lighthouse some distance away from the old one.
  • A wind power plant which is the largest in Bangladesh.
  • A holy place known as Durbar Sharif of Qutub Awali.
  • In the winter season you can see the natural techniques of salt production.

✔ Ramu

Ramu is a typical Buddhist village. Ramu was named after the Royal Ramu dynasty of Arakan. A thirteen feet high bronze image of Buddha was found at Ramu in the time of The Mughals (1666). This is the biggest of the Buddha images hitherto discovered in Bangladesh. Ramkot Hindu Temple, Ramkot Buddhist Keyang, Lamarpara Buddhist Keyang are known Hindu and Buddhist places with many Monasteries.

 Moheshkhali Island

✔ Moheshkhali Island

Moheshkhali has a unique and harmonious atmosphere. The main attractions on Moheshkhali are the scenic peaceful beaches with hills. The Shrine of Adinath, which is dedicated to Shiva. The Buddhist temple and the pagoda are also stunning attractions to visit on the island.

Bridge has connected the island to the mainland, but traveling to Moheshkhali by boat is recommended, as it is an amazing way to catch precious memories on film and add another adventure to your exploration of Bangladesh. The island will provide an unforgettable journey through one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Bangladesh.

✔ Radiant Fish World

You may visit a short visit to Radiant fish world. There are exotic fishes and other sea creatures. This place also has a 3D movie theatre, souvenir shop, kids playing zone and a restaurant.

Radiant Fish World
Dulhazara Safari Park

✔ Dulhazara Safari Park

Dulhazara Safari located at Chakaria Upazila in Cox’s bazar. This place is about forty-three kilometer away from the main city. This place is mainly an eco-park, research workplace, conserving wild animals in an animal friendly environment.

Dulahazara Safari Park is home to at least 4,000 animals of 165 species. The park includes ninety spotted deer, forty two barking deer, three Sambar deer, one freshwater crocodile, one saltwater crocodile, nine black bears, four pythons, seventeen peacocks, nineteen Turkish pheasants and two emus.

The park itself protects a large number of wild elephants which are native to the area. In the safari park there are domesticated elephants which are available for a ride. Other animal attractions include Bengal tigers, crocodiles, bears, spotted deer and many types of birds and monkeys are the main attraction of this place.

✔ Burmese Market

Burmese Market is a famous place for shopping in Cox’s Bazar. A group of people from Burma mainly started their business here. The Burmese Market was named after the Burmese population living in the area surrounding Cox’s Bazar. Various kinds of goods are available here in this market.

Mainly goods are from Myanmar along with goods from Burma, China and Thailand are known as Burmese products. You can try some local cultural products made by hand woven textile and bed sheets among many other things.

Mainly the foreigner tourists love to visit this place. The habitation is run by natives, generally tribal people who have been existing all over the place for generations and have fit in totally into the native system of life.

This is a good place to buy and check out the traditional food, candy, nuts, pickle and various kinds of snacks. This is a decent place to pick up specific local magnificence goods, such as sandal logs, soap powder and shampoo as well as home objects such as couch slips and bath-towels that are hand knitted by the ladies. Both ladies and gents run the Burmese Market.

 Burmese Market
Sampan Resort Front Side

About Sampan Beach Resort

Sampan Resort Cox's Bazar has a restaurant, outdoor swimming pool, and shared lounge on the bank of the world's longest sea beach.

Among the various facilities, it facilitates your journey by providing • a pleasing garden, • water sports facilities, • appealing terrace, • playground for kids as well as • appetizing seafood with the dance of sea waves. It has a ✓ 24-hour front desk, ✓ airport transportation, ✓ a shared kitchen and ✓ free WiFifree Parking throughout the resort property.

Rooms contain • air conditioning and • a flat-screen TV, and • certain accommodations at the resort have a patio.

At Sampan Resort each room includes • a seating area to have you a natural aesthetic feeling.

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