Beautiful Sampan Eco Resort

Sampan Eco Resort at Cox's Bazar

Imagine being able to step away from fast paced modern life into a peace and tranquility. Sampan Eco Resort offers the extraordinary luxury accommodation that treads a real cultural experience far from the madding crowd. Sustainability is the only way to save the earth and leave a better world for our next generation.

Sampan Eco Resort is about 9 KM from Cox's bazar city on marine drive (way to inani beach). You can enjoy the best sustainable living in our traditional mud house “Clay Doom”. You can dine at our “Sea Gem”, the best natural view of the Sampan Lake and the Bay of Bengal.

You can also enjoy boat riding in Sampan lake, fresh sea fish almost everyday catch by the local fisherman. The Coast Guard, BGB and the Police camp is right next to our resort, so that your security will not be compromised.

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